Border Guards Save Life of Chevron Arab Infant

A view of Me’aras Hamachpeleh, in Chevron. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Border Guards stationed in Chevron overnight Sunday intervened to save the life of an Arab infant, after hearing cries and screams from a house. The result was the revival of a nine-month-old infant who was unconscious and was not breathing. Rescue efforts revived the infant, who was then taken to a hospital for emergency medical care.

The incident occurred near a Border Guard station in the area of Me’aras Hamachpelah. At an early hour of the morning, loud cries and screams could be heard at one of the nearby homes. Border Guards followed the cries, and arrived at the house, where they discovered the unconscious baby. One of the guards administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, while others undertook other rescue efforts. The unit’s medic arrived a few minutes later with a defibrillator and other equipment. The lifesaving efforts continued for long minutes, until the infant finally began breathing on his own. He was immediately taken in for medical care at a nearby clinic.

In a statement, Border Guard officials said that “despite the complicated nature of the incident and the difficult area that these fighters serve in, they continue to act primarily to preserve the safety, security and lives of all residents, regardless of religion, race or gender. We praise the work that they did and the fact that they did not remain quiet in the face of the suffering they heard going on in the house. These are the values with which Israeli forces are trained.”