More Than 25 Mortar Shells Fired From Gaza

The mortar that fell near a kindergarten, Tuesday morning. (Shai Machlouf)

Gaza terrorists fired more than 25 mortar shells toward communities in southern Israel Tuesday, the IDF said, in what appeared to be the largest single barrage fired since the 2014 Israel-Hamas war.

No one was hurt, b’chasdei Shamayim, and the military said most were intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system. But the high volume of projectiles came as tensions have been running high along the Israel-Gaza border.

Israeli media reported that one of the shells landed near a kindergarten shortly before it opened. Angry residents took to the airwaves to complain about how vulnerable they feel after 15 years of rocket fire threats from neighboring Gaza, which will likely put pressure on the government to retaliate harshly.

The border area has been tense in recent weeks as the Palestinians have held mass protests aimed at lifting a blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt after Hamas seized power in 2007.

On Monday, a tank fired at a Hamas position in the Gaza Strip, killing one man and wounding another, after Israeli troops came under fire on the frontier while apprehending two armed Palestinians.

Hamas has said that a boatful of students and medical patients is to set sail out of Gaza City’s port on Tuesday, aiming to break 11 years of naval blockade, which could spark further conflict.

Hamas has vowed to continue the border rallies. Israel accuses Hamas of trying to carry out terror attacks under the cover of protests.