After Tragedy, Quiet to Reign at Kinneret Beaches

Sunset at the Kinneret. (Chen Leopold/flash90)

The loss of three young adults in 2017, including one from Beitar Ilit, has prompted communities around the Kinneret to institute new regulations requiring that music played on Kinneret public beaches not exceed a maximum decibel level. Police will be supporting the effort, and they will issue summonses and seize equipment from offenders, they said.

In a series of tragic incidents last Pesach, three Israeli youths, including a 21-year-old from Beitar Ilit, and two teens from Netanya and Kiryat Shmona, were found dead after they drowned. The three went missing in three separate incidents with remarkably similar circumstances – sucked deep into the lake while they were floating on a raft. According to officials, at least some of them may have been shouting for assistance – but rescue volunteers could not hear them due to the loud music that was playing on beaches in the area.

The new rules will affect 15 public beaches around the Kinneret. They will go into effect March 22, when the official swimming season starts at the Kinneret. That date is three weeks earlier than it was last year, as towns around the Kinneret are hoping to bring in a large number of visitors and vacationers over Chol Hamoed Pesach to make up for recent losses from a lack of tourism. Entrance to the public beaches is free, with charges being levied only for parking.