King Abdullah to Give Waqf $1.4 Million

Jordan’s King Abdullah II. (Gonzalo Fuentes, Pool Photo via AP)

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has decided to donate 1 million Jordanian dinars ($1.4 million) to the Waqf, the Islamic authority that administers the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Har HaBayis, according to media reports on Wednesday.

Most of the money will be allocated for an Islamic museum at the site, but part will cover a 300-dinar grant to Waqf employees.

Jordan, which acts as custodian of the site and funds the Waqf, played a key role in negotiating with Israel to end the recent crisis after Israel installed new security measures in response to the killing there of two Israeli policemen in a terrorist attack on July 14.

Earlier Wednesday, Abdullah said his government was “closely monitoring the situation in Yerushalayim. The challenge is a political one, not just security.”