Ex-Mossad Chief Offers to Mediate Israel-Jordan

Former head of the Mossad Danny Yatom. (Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90)

A former head of the Mossad intelligence agency who was at the center of the last major crisis with Jordan says that a deal could be reached to pacify Amman as well as cool tensions at Har HaBayis.

Danny Yatom said Monday that Israel should remove metal detectors from outside Har HaBayis, administered by a Jordanian religious body, in return for Amman releasing Israeli staff.

Israel set up the security devices after Arab terrorists killed two Israeli policemen at the site. The move incensed the Muslim world.

A shooting at Israel’s embassy in Jordan further complicated the crisis. Jordan wants to investigate the guard who opened fire and has prevented staff from leaving the premises.

“[The] Jordanians will release our people from the embassy and especially the security officer that shot, and in return we will help the Jordanian Waqf to carry on its role on Temple Mount,” Yatom told The Associated Press, adding, “We will also take off the metal detector gates.”

Yatom resigned as Mossad chief in the aftermath of a failed attempt to assassinate a leader of the Islamic terror group Hamas in Jordan.


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