U.S. Proposes Compromise Solution for Har Habayis Standoff

An Israeli soldier fires a tear gas canister at Palestinian rioters during clashes in Beit Lechem, Wednesday. (Reuters/Mussa Qawasma)

The United States has reportedly proposed a solution designed to satisfy both sides in the crisis over security arrangements at Har Habayis, The Times of Israel reported Wednesday night.

The compromise—not yet agreed to—would have the standing metal-detector gates removed, and Israeli police will instead use hand-held metal-detector wands. Examinations would be limited only to those whom security forces find suspicious, not to all visitors, similar to the profiling at Ben Gurion Airport, according to both Palestinian and Israeli sources.

The Trump administration is said to be behind the idea, which was suggested in consultations between the Prime Minister’s Office and Jordan, sources said.

Meanwhile, there was more violence reported in the Yerushalayim area on Wednesday night, this time on the Palestinian side of the Kalandiya checkpoint.

About 150 Palestinians rioted, throwing rocks and bottles at IDF soldiers stationed there. The soldiers used riot control measures to disperse them, Ynet reported.

Also on Wednesday, Palestinian rioters threw stones at police in the Shuafat refugee camp. One was arrested after throwing a Molotov cocktail.

Dozens of other rioters threw stones at security personnel near Kever Rachel. Two of them were arrested. Disturbances were reported in Beit Lechem as well.

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