Israel Railways Train Catches Fire, None Hurt


An Israel Railways train southbound from Haifa carrying hundreds of passengers caught fire between Pardes Hanna and Hadera due to a technical malfunction on Thursday, Arutz Sheva reported.

B’chasdei Shamayim, no injuries were reported. When the fire broke out, the train stopped and passengers were evacuated and transferred to the station at Binyamina for a replacement.

Firefighters rushed to the scene to put out the fire, which was located under the carriage of one of the cars. The exact cause of the mishap has not yet been determined.

On a lighter note, Natan Nalick, a resident of Pardes Hanna who lives near the train tracks called in a fire alarm on Thursday afternoon after smelling smoke outside his home.

Shortly afterwards, he noticed that the smell had unaccountably disappeared. Puzzled, he called the Fire Department back and told them, apologizing for an apparent false alarm.

Sometime later, he learned of the train fire on the news, and realized that the smoke he had smelled had come from the train, as it passed by near his home, thus explaining the disappearing smell of smoke.