Border Guards Demolish Ten Illegal Homes in Kalandiya

A Palestinian man looks at Israeli machinery as it demolishes a Palestinian house in the West Bank village of Qalandia near Ramallah, July 26, 2016. REUTERS/Mohamad Torokman
A Palestinian man looks on as an illegal Palestinian house in Kalandiya is demolished on Tuesday morning. (Reuters/Mohamad Torokman)

Security forces overnight Monday demolished ten homes that were illegally built in the Kalandiya neighborhood in northern Yerushalayim. Border Guards, together with Housing Ministry enforcement officials, served notice on the owners of the buildings where they were known. Most of the buildings were under construction and were not occupied.

Also early Tuesday, police cleared out an encampment of illegal workers in the Tel Mond area. The tent camp was built in a clearing in the forest. Twenty-seven illegal Arab workers were arrested. They were mostly from the Chevron Hills area.

In a major operation early Tuesday, 400 police officers simultaneously arrested 56 members of Israel’s homegrown “football hooligan” group, La Familia. Many of the detainees, who were arrested at their homes in the early hours of Tuesday, were known as members of organized crime groups and had sizeable police records.

The group has been accused of starting riots at and around soccer games, and of setting off fireworks and throwing tear gas at soccer games. Police said that they had gathered a great deal of evidence via an undercover agent who had infiltrated the group and worked with its top members for months.