To Highlight 2nd Amendment, Florida Pol Holds Contest to Give Rifle to Constituent


A Republican congressional candidate for Florida’s 1st district announced Sunday he’s giving away a custom-made AR-15 rifle to a randomly chosen resident in light of the Orlando shooting.

Touting his A+ rating by the National Rifle Association for the past 14 years, Florida state Sen. Greg Evers said the contest aims to highlight the importance of the Second Amendment.

“With terrorism incidents on the rise, both home and abroad, protecting our constitutional rights has never been more important,” Evers wrote in a statement on his campaign website. “With all that’s happening in the world today, I’ve never felt stronger about the importance of the Second Amendment in protecting our homeland than I do now.”

The winner will be chosen on July 4 from a pool of all district residents who liked and shared Evers’s campaign social media page.

The Orlando attack, which killed 49 people and injured 53, has renewed focus on the nation’s gun laws.