NYPD Officer Gashed in Head in Hatchet Attack to Get Medal of Honor


A New York City police officer severely wounded in a brazen daylight hatchet attack is poised to receive the NYPD’s highest honor.

Officer Kenneth Healey will be awarded the Medal of Honor on Tuesday. Healey and three other officers were patrolling a bustling Queens commercial district last fall when a man charged them with an 18-inch hatchet.

Healey was gashed in the head. Officer Joseph Meeker was hit in the arm.

A bystander was wounded by a bullet when police shot and killed the suspect. The man had ranted against the United States, online.

Healey needed numerous surgeries after suffering a shattered skull. He returned to the force more than a year later.

WNBC reports that all four officers will be honored. Meeker will receive the Medal of Valor.