World’s First Robot Commando


Dogo is a killer drone on the ground, a robot commando that carries a Glock pistol and can perform high-risk assault or reconnaisance by remote control.

The “first inherently armed tactical combat robot” was developed by General Robotics, a high-tech firm in rural Beit Nehemia, south of Tel Aviv, according to Defense News.

Unlike other small robots which go unarmed, or much heavier ones designed to carry add-on remote firing stations, the 26-pound Dogo (named after a hunting and guard dog) can be carried in one hand by fully armed infantrymen or special operators. The robot can be commanded to open fire from a safe position, its controller aiming precisely to where he points on an off-the-shelf touch pad.

It can also wield non-lethal equipment such as pepper spray, and conduct remote hostage negotiations, utilizing its two-way voice command system.

The battery-powered Dogo can climb stairs, clear obstacle-laden terrain and maneuver quietly indoors or underground for about four hours before requiring a recharge.

Dogo is set for its international debut next month at the Eurosatory Exhibition in Paris.