Rail Strike Cancelled


Israeli commuters got good news on Monday night as a rail strike set for the middle of Tuesday morning was called off.

The Israel Railways workers’ committee had already announced unspecified sanctions and disruptions throughout the system, including the passenger division, starting on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.., according to Globes.

However, shortly before 9:00 p.m. Monday, word was sent out that the work actions were cancelled after an agreement to return to the negotiating table had been reached.

The committee said the decision was made initially in response to Ministry of Finance Wage Department head Kobi Amsalem’s refusal to approve agreements reached by the workers’ committee with management concerning the timetable that has already been in place for a year.

The committee issued a statement addressed to Amsalem on Monday saying, “In order to benefit railway passengers and contribute to Israel Railways’ growth, we initially agreed to operate according to the new timetable, while conducting negotiations about it. We negotiated with Israel Railways management for year on this issue. Unfortunately, although we achieved understandings with management, it seems that you are not approving these understandings, and are delaying the signing of an agreement. The delaying tactics employed by company management and by you have brought Israel Railways’ workers to a point where they have no choice.”