U.S. Drone Strike Killed Al Shabaab Leader in Somalia

WASHINGTON  (Reuters) -

A U.S. drone strike in southern Somalia has killed Adnan Garaar, an al Shabaab leader believed to be the mastermind of a 2013 attack on a Nairobi shopping mall that killed 67 people, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

It said in a statement that the strike last Thursday hit a vehicle carrying Garaar, a top official of the al Shabaab terrorist group, which the Pentagon says targets U.S. and other Western interests to further al-Qaeda’s goals.

“He posed a major threat to the region and the international community and was connected to the West Gate Mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya. His death has dealt another significant blow to the al Shabaab terrorist organization in Somalia,” the Pentagon said.

The Pentagon added that the operation took place about 150 miles west of Mogadishu near the town of Dinsoor.