Yaalon: Hannibal Protocol Not for Public Scrutiny

YERUSHALAYIM (Hamodia Staff) -

Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon has expressed his opposition to an investigation of the military’s controversial “Hannibal Protocol,” saying it should not be opened up for public scrutiny.

The Hannibal Protocol, though a classified matter, is said to call for massive use of firepower in an area where the IDF seeks to rescue a captured captured soldier.

Yaalon’s statement comes after Magistrate Advocate General Danny Efroni had announced that a full criminal investigation of the alleged use of “Hannibal Protocol” in the case of the capture of infantry officer Hadar Goldin during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.

The army faces allegations that IDF fire killed anywhere from 30 to 150 people in the incident, depending on whether U.N., IDF or other estimates are used.

“The military investigating police are not probing the actions of the Givati Brigade at Rafah, and I hope that no one will decide to do so,” Ya’alon said.

“This was an operation where decisions were made that do not warrant a criminal investigation,” he added.

An internal controversy has been raging within the IDF over the issue of whether the investigation should proceed. Officers and men in the Givati Brigade said that they risked their lives pursuant to orders from the General Staff, that no wrondoing was involved and they should not be subject to investigation.