Yeshivah: Anti-Semitic Incident Exaggerated


An alleged anti- Semitic incident that occurred in Baltimore on Rosh Hashanah has reportedly been blown out of proportion.

Baltimore CountyPolice have reported that on Thursday evening, three Jewish men were walking along Old Pimlico Road, outside of Bais Hamedrash and Mesivta of Baltimore, when a car approached them. As the car came closer, they say they saw the driver holding what looked like a BB gun.

They say the man then yelled “Jews, Jews, Jews,” fired the weapon in their direction, and then fled. Police say they found a pellet hole in the glass of a window at Bais Hamedrash Mesivta of Baltimore.

They are now looking for the armed man, described as a white man with brown hair and a dark complexion driving a black and white Toyota.

However, administrators at the yeshivah say the incident has been blown out of proportion. According to the bachurim who were involved in the incident, it is not at all clear what words the perpetrator yelled, and there was no damage to the building.