Fast Track Entry Visas for U.S., Israeli Businessmen


The Israeli government has approved a proposal by Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar to offer unique entry visas to American investors coming to Israel frequently on business, Ynet reports.

The arrangement is a part of a reciprocal program in which Israelis seeking to invest in the U.S. could stay there temporarily under similar conditions. The U.S. embassy in Israel said it would agree to the plan pending benefits to American investors in Israel.

According to the plan, Israeli investors who qualify will be offered fast-track entry into the U.S. and will receive E2 visas that allow stays of up to two years in the United States.

The Interior Ministry said that the plan could be implemented within the next few months, after legislative adjustments are completed.

American investors’ entry visas to Israel will be accompanied by facilitation measures for the investors, their families, and professionals required to join them.

“Investor visas constitute another stage in the United States-Israel Free Trade Agreement and will promote the economic cooperation of the two countries,” Sa’ar said.