IDF Strike Kills Terrorist Who Fired Rockets During Sharon Levayah

GAZA (Reuters) -

Israel killed two Gaza terrorists in an air strike on Wednesday, saying that one of them was responsible for firing rockets across the border during former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s levayah last week.

The IDF, confirming the air strike in Beit Hanoun, said that one of the targets, Ahmed Al-Za’anin was a former Islamic Jihad member who had joined the more secular Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The PFLP did not immediately respond.

Islamic Jihad claimed Ahmed Al-Za’anin, as its own, without immediately commenting on the other’s affiliation. The PFLP did not immediately respond.

Za’anin had carried out numerous attacks, the military said, including the launch of rockets into southern Israel as Sharon was being buried there last week in a ceremony attended by Vice President Joe Biden and other foreign dignitaries.

Za’anin and the second gunman, his relative, were sitting in a parked car when it was hit by the missile, locals said.