Plaintiff in Stop-Frisk Suit Arrested for Fraud


An outspoken opponent of the New York Police Department’s stop-question-and-frisk policy was arrested Monday for selling bogus tickets to sought-after events and charged with grand larceny.

Angel Ortiz, 19, is part of a federal lawsuit challenging a program known as Operation Clean Halls that sends police to patrol private dwellings. He and others say police harassed people coming and going from their homes, especially black and Hispanic men.

The case is related to the federal trial last year on the department’s stopping policy. A judge found the tactic discriminatory and ordered major reforms.

Ortiz appeared at a news conference in October 2012, saying he was stopped and wrongly arrested for trespassing outside his Bronx building. The NYPD has said it does not profile.

Oritz was arrested again Monday, although it appears that this time it was legit.