High Court Upholds Detention of Al-Qaida Terrorist


Israel’s High Court upheld on Tuesday a more than three-year-old detention without trial of a Palestinian suspected of being an al-Qaida biological weapons expert.

Samer al-Baraq was born in Kuwait, studied microbiology in Pakistan, underwent military training in Afghanistan and was recruited in 2001 to al-Qaida by Ayman al-Zawahri, who is the group’s leader today, Israeli prosecutors charged.

They said he was planning attacks against Israelis.

Al-Baraq, 39, denies the allegations and had asked the High Court to free him. A three-justice panel rejected the appeal.

Citing Israel’s concerns about the threat al-Baraq could pose if released, the court said in its ruling that “at this time there is no less damaging way of mitigating this danger” than his continued detention.

According to a court document, al-Baraq was once detained and questioned in the United States and was later jailed in Jordan for five years. He was arrested in 2010 at Jordan’s Allenby bridge crossing.