Harav Avraham Rubin, z”l, of Ofakim


The Jewish community of Ofakim mourned the tragic loss of Harav Avraham Rubin, z”l, 61,  who was killed in a  collision on Monday on Route 38, near Beit Shemesh.

“He was a baal chesed in every fiber of his being,” said a friend of Rav Rubin, a central figure in the chareidi community of Ofakim.

Rav Rubin headed a yeshivah for special children in the mornings; the rest of the day he taught in an outreach yeshivah in Talmei Eliyahu.

“The distribution of fruits and vegetables was conducted from his home. He had a giant gemach for beds, chairs and tables, and anytime he would hear that someone had a simchah, he would offer to help out with a smile.”

“We are simply in shock at this tragedy, it’s incomprehensible.”

The levayah was on Monday.