NY Will Make Fracking Call in Weeks

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP/Hamodia) -

New York’s health commissioner said Monday he won’t wait for completion of a gas drilling study, which could take years, and instead plans a recommendation to the Gov. Andrew Cuomo “in weeks” on whether to approve hydraulic fracturing.

But Fred Dicker, an editor at the New York Post with connections in the Cuomo administration, quoted state lawmakers who claimed that Cuomo secretly encouraged efforts to pass a fracking law, using the ban as a cover to delay his decision.

“The widespread view is that the governor has reached the point where he wants to be rid of having to make a decision through his re-election campaign next year,” a source said.

The source disputed as “completely false” environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s claim that Cuomo wanted the delay until a study is completed.

“What the Health Department plans to do,” the source said, “is to consult those working on the Geisinger study, not await the results.”