Mishmeres HaSholom: Ask the Rav

Q: After agreeing upon a few issues which are of priority to me (maximum number of children, presence of an assistant, etc.), I signed up my son for a neighborhood playgroup. Following my decision, a number of other mothers enrolled their children in the daycare center. When the woman did not keep her word, I decided to cancel my registration. What do I reply to inquiries of neighbors and friends, some of whom signed up because of me, regarding my canceled registration?

A: If you believe the woman breached an agreement while she can argue otherwise, you should preferably avoid relaying any specific reasons. However, if it is clearly a case of a breach in agreement, as in the number of children she accepted to her care, then it is permissible to say, “Maybe it makes no difference to you, but I care about certain conditions that we agreed upon and that the woman is not keeping to. I therefore canceled my registration.”

Concerning anyone other than a parent of a child signed up for the playgroup — whose inquiry probably stems from curiosity — there is no to’eles and hence no heter to detail the reasons for the cancelation.


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