Mishmeres HaSholom: Ask the Rav

Q:On the day that my daughter was fired from her job, a friend — who knew nothing about it — called to inquire about that particular workplace. She asked me to find out from my daughter if she’s happy with the management, salary and workmates. I was caught off guard and did not want to say she was dismissed. Is it permissible to change facts in such cases (i.e. to say that my daughter left on her own accord), in order to save face?


A:In your situation it would be best to offer an evasive answer, such as, “My daughter no longer works there.” If the woman presses for details, you can say that she left for personal reasons.

If there is a possibility that the woman can deduce from your answer that your daughter was fired, and it would cause you or your daughter embarrassment, you do not have to tell the truth. Simply say that your daughter had personal reasons to have left that job.