Mishmeres HaSholom: Ask the Rav

Q: As an office manager, I am responsible for the smooth running of our office. Included in my job is the responsibility to update my boss regarding delays or problems in production. When sloppiness or slackness on the part of any of our many office staff members causes serious delays in production, I can’t turn in my work on time. That being the case, I end up having to tattle on others, and I feel like I walk the tightrope of downright lashon hara versus to’eles. What can I do to avoid forbidden speech?

A: Generally speaking, when the reasons for delays in production are justified, there is no problem in telling them as they are. When dealing with a one-time case of carelessness, you should refrain from telling your boss who the culprit is, and find an alternative explanation for the delay.

If the situation repeats itself and becomes a worker’s standard behavior, you may tell the boss the truth in order to absolve yourself from blame and for the constructive purpose of correcting shortcomings in the future. Since these are sensitive issues, it is preferable to ask the advice of a knowledgeable Rav and to work things out on an individual basis.

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