Dushinsky Rebbe Affixes Mezuzah at the Heichal HaTorah in the Building of Yeshivas Oraysa

The Dushinsky Rebbe affixes a mezuzah.

Last week, the Dushinsky Rebbe, shlita, participated in a very impressive kevias mezuzah at the spacious and magnificent Heichal HaTorah “Ohr Chaim” located in the building of the Oraysa Yeshiva on Strauss Street in Yerushalayim. This came just a few weeks after the opening of the Heichal HaTorah that has already earned him a name of honor in the Torah world of Yerushalayim. Hundreds of learners flock to the Heichal HaTorah daily and enjoy a place of Torah that contains a large library with thousands of sefarim on the Torah, Shas, Mussar, Halachah, Responsa, and much more.

The special visit of the Dushinsky Rebbe was held at the Heichal HaTorah “Ohr Chaim” where the Rebbe toured the place for a while and repeatedly expressed his admiration for the volume of sefarim in the Heichal HaTorah, as well as the grandeur and breadth of the place that gives a sense of peace of mind to hundreds and thousands of learners who visit the place daily.

A view of the Heichal HaTorah.

After the long tour, the Dushinsky Rebbe affixed the mezuzah in the Heichal HaTorah, and bestowed a blessing on the great initiative that has become common knowledge among the lomdei Torah of Yerushalayim and even outside of it.

It should be noted that the construction of the magnificent Heichal HaTorah was the result of the initiative of the philanthropist, Rabbi Yoel Landau, who decided to establish the great Heichal HaTorah, when he gave the place the name: ‘Ohr Chaim’ in memory of the Rivnitzer Rebbe, zy”a.

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