Yerushalayim Bombing Survivor Says Sefer Tehillim Helped Save Him

By Hamodia Staff

YERUSHALAYIM – A Sefer Tehillim played a part in saving the life of one of those who were seriously wounded in last Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Yerushalayim.

A 62-year old man (whose name was not given out) who has since undergone surgery at Shaare Tzedek Medical Center, showed doctors and visitors where a shrapnel fragment from the bomb penetrated through the back cover of the Tehillim he was carrying in his pocket.

The fragment made its way through the pages of the book before coming to rest at Chapter 124, verse 7. The verse reads: “Nafsheinu K’Tzipor Nimlata MiPach Yokshim: Hapach Nishbar, V’Anachnu Nimlatnu – Our soul has escaped like a bird evading the grasp of its captors. The grasp is broken and we have escaped.”

The potentially lethal fragment was stopped by the Sefer Tehillim.

The man is now recovering after a series of procedures to remove other fragments that had entered his body.

He asked reporters at the hospital to share his story with the public, saying, “This is what helps.”

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