Kof-K Sues JetBlue for Allegedly Selling Food With Fake Kosher Label

By Hamodia Staff


The Kof-K kashrus organization is suing JetBlue Airlines for allegedly advertising an artichoke snack with an unauthorized Kof-K.

According to a Reuters report on Friday, a JetBlue menu says that artichoke snack in its “Mediterranean-inspired snackbox” are “Kosher certified by KOF-K Kosher Supervision.” But the Kof-K says it does not certify that or any other of JetBlue’s products.

By Sunday afternoon, it did not appear that the artichoke product was being advertised as containing a Kof-K. Other items in the snackbox advertise as being certified by other kashrus agencies.

A JetBlue spokesperson told Reuters that the airline is investigating the claims.  Elsa Farms, the company that makes the artichoke snacks, was not sued.

Kof-K accuses JetBluein the lawsuit of infringing and diluting trademarks, and of engaging in consumer fraud. It is seeking an unspecified amount of money damages for the court to force the airline to stop using the product and the Kof-K symbol.

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