Salmonella Outbreak Across U.S. Traced to Onions

Red, yellow and white onions in a supermarket. (Jebulon)

More than 650 people in 37 states have become sick from salmonella poisoning, and 129 have been hospitalized.

The Center for Disease Control issued an alert to consumers that one source of the outbreak has been traced to red, white and yellow onions grown in Chihuahua, Mexico, sold by ProSource Inc. People are urged to not purchase them and, if they have, to throw them away. Any surfaces the onions rested on should be washed with hot, soapy water or dishwashing soap.

At least 75% of people involved had recently eaten raw onions or dishes with onions in them. Several ate at the same restaurants, suggesting the possibility of an infection cluster.

At least one person became sick after eating a cilantro and lime condiment dish from a restaurant. In all these cases, the restaurants bought their onions from ProSource Inc.