Knesset Approves Bill Enabling Four MKs to Break Away From Their Faction

In a late-night sitting on Tuesday, the Knesset Plenum passed the Knesset Law (Amendment No. 49), 2021, in its second and third readings. The bill passed by a majority of 60-54. ​

The amendment enables a group of four MKs to break away from their parliamentary group, even if they do not constitute one-third of it.

MK Yuli Edelstein (Likud) commented on the amendment that will enable four MKs to break away from their parliamentary group: “These laws always act as a boomerang. They always achieve the opposite of their stated goal. You don’t have to look back 30 or 40 years. Not long ago, there was a wonderful bill, to raise the electoral threshold. It had a declared goal, it wasn’t even a secret — to harm the Arabs and the chareidim. The ministers at the time, Lapid and Liberman, spoke about it openly. What happened as a result? The Joint List got 15 seats, just as [predicted by] the Knesset Speaker at the time, whom I happen to know very well. I will only tell you that the result of the current bill, if it passes, will be the exact opposite of its sponsors’ intentions.”​

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