Hundreds of Women Participate in Inspirational Virtual Seminar

Hundreds of women from Israel and Europe participated last week in an incredibly inspiring convention about increasing mitzvah observance, which was held online, initiated by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Rabbinical Center of Europe.

The conference dealt with issues catalyzed from the coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds of women were attentive to remarks made by the renowned maggid, Harav Baruch Rosenblum, who focused on the importance of keeping mitzvos despite the many difficulties.

Mrs. Devora Eiferman, director of Religious Buildings Division, Ministry of Religious Services in Israel, initiated the convention and updated the participants on a variety of issues related to observance of the mitzvos. Women shared difficulties they experienced in a variety of countries due to the pandemic restrictions.

One of the participants stated that the convention was a powerful and extraordinary experience, “We realized collectively how important it is to be connected to mitzvah observance despite the many difficulties, whether you live in Dimona or Shanghai, as everyone has difficulties, and everyone has special strengths.”

At the crux of the conference, the participants were encouraged and rejuvenated about Jewish home issues and renewed strength after being exposed to the extraordinary story of many women who live in places where observance of the mitzvos is extremely challenging.

At the end of the conference, the women participated in small groups as they discussed varied issues that concerned mitzvah observance, and the group leaders provided diverse and practical solutions for them.

Mrs. Eiferman said that “As part of our role in the office, we consider it our duty to provide the maximum service for the female public, to maintain their integrity and health. We initiate various projects to improve and access services provided on a regular and daily basis, certainly during COVID-19 where the complexity is significant. It is our duty to meet all the challenges professionally and efficiently. We will continue to improve everything we can for the Jewish home and improve the provided services.”

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