Knife-Wielding Palestinian Arrested at Maaras HaMachpelah

The knife with which the terrorist attempted to stab IDF soldiers. (IDF Spokesman)

A knife-wielding would-be terrorist was stopped by Border Police at the entrance to Maaras HaMachpelah on Wednesday afternoon.

The Palestinian woman arrived at the holy site with a knife, and guards told her to stop and drop her weapon. She did so and was arrested, according to a police report.

B’chasdei shamayim, no one was injured in the incident.

In a separate incident, the IDF said a Palestinian man who was shot earlier by troops near Nablus had thrown an explosive device at soldiers while running at them.

A mob of dozens of Palestinians was approaching troops at the Evyatar outpost when one charged at them and threw a suspicious object which exploded, the army said.

A soldier fired a warning shot first in the air and then aimed at the assailant, who was hit and critically injured.

There were no Israeli casualties.

On Wednesday morning, a female terrorist was shot and neutralized on the outskirts of Yerushalayim during an attempted terror attack.

The incident occurred just outside the Hizma checkpoint at the northern entrance to Yerushalayim, on Route 60, when the terrorist attempted to carry out a combination ramming and stabbing attack against Israeli security personnel.

After driving to the scene, the terrorist attempted to run down several IDF soldiers. Once she failed to do so, the terrorist exited her vehicle and tried to stab the IDF soldiers.

The soldiers opened fire on the terrorist, neutralizing her. Her death was later confirmed.

One soldier was slightly wounded in the upper body.

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