Explosion at Iran Drone Factory

A building after it was damaged by a fire at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in Iran. (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran via AP)

Nine workers were injured in a blast at a chemical factory in Isfahan, Iran, that allegedly created drones used against Israel.

The Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company, which produces aircrafts and drones for Iran and Iranian allies, as well as materials that can be used for explosives, was located in the factory complex, the Jerusalem Post reported.

During last week’s Operation Guardian of the Walls, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu showed Germany’s Foreign Minister a downed drone believed to have been fired by Iranian forces. The armed drone was shot down by the IDF.

Iran has long been accused of supplying arms and supplies to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

News of the explosion, which was belatedly reported by Iranian state media hours after social media users circulated pictures, comes shortly after Iranian officials claimed they had made major progress in getting sanctions revoked as part of a future nuclear deal agreement.

Last year, there were several explosions at Iranian nuclear and industrial sites. Though Israel did not confirm it, the blast at the Natanz nuclear complex, which may have set Iran’s nuclear program back by months if not years, was widely assumed to have been a result of Israeli spies.



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