Police Remove ‘You Murdered Our Son’ Sign at Entrance to Bat Ayin

A sign put up at the entrance to Bat Ayin warns Israel Police from entering in the wake of Ahuvia Sandak’s death, Wednesday. (Police Spokesman)

Israel Police on Wednesday removed a warning sign that was put up at the entrance to Bat Ayin, the Gush Etzion community where 16-year-old Ahuvia Sandak, z”l, was from.

The sign read, “This road leads to the Bat Ayin settlement. Entry is forbidden for Israel Police! You undermine the security of the residents of this settlement, you killed our son. Enter at your own risk! You’ve been warned!”

The sign was stylized mimicking those that stand outside villages and regions under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. The Police’s Forensic Science Unit investigators have begun looking into the sign’s erection.

Sandak was killed in a crash on Dec. 21 as police chased his car, after he and four other teens allegedly hurled rocks at Palestinian vehicles and attempted to flee from the police. Police have said the driver lost control of the vehicle and overturned, while settlers have claimed the crash was caused by a police car ramming the vehicle.