Mrs. Gitel Kahn, A”h


Mrs. Gitel (bas Reb Nosson) Kahn, a”h, was niftar on Thursday night, October 15th.

Mrs. Kahn was known as “the Mrs. Kahn” from Mount Sinai, where she helped thousands of cholim and their families for decades.

Mrs. Kahn was born in Verbo, Czekoslovakia. As a young married woman in the the 1960’s, she and the Satmar Rebbetzin, Feiga Teitelbaum, a”h, began the Satmar Bikur Cholim together. Mrs. Kahn became the main liaison to Mount Sinai Hospital helping thousands of people, matching them with doctors she had befriended, while walking the halls asking people how they were and what they needed, and in the process she saved countless lives.

As a friend emailed her son, Mr. Albert (Nosson) Kahn: “True it’s a personal loss as she was your mother, but she was also Klal Yisrael’s mother, so it’s Klal Yisrael’s loss as well.”

The levayah took place on the ‘feld’ in Floral Park New Jersey, where she was laid to rest near her husband in the Chuster chelkah.

She is survived by her son, Mr. Albert (Nosson) Kahn and her daughter, Mrs. Arlene Weingarten. They can be reached by phone: 347 203 4712.

Tehi zichrah baruch.