Vandal Smashes Hundreds of New York City Subway Windows

smash subway windows
A surveillance image of the suspect.

Authorities are on the hunt for a vandal they say has smashed hundreds of windows on New York City subway trains.

More than 400 windows have been damaged since May, costing nearly $400,000 to fix and all but exhausting supplies of replacement windows, the city’s transit agency said.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the police department this week announced a $12,500 reward for information leading to an arrest.

On Wednesday, police released photos and video of a possible suspect.

Most of the damage has been on the 7-line linking Queens and Manhattan. Windows on 2 and 3 trains have also been smashed, police said.

The Daily News reports that dozens more windows have been broken since the reward was announced. The MTA said it could be forced to cut train service if it can’t get enough replacement windows to keep up with the damage.