Pesachim Yarchei Kallah



Don’t Miss This Opportunity! Join lomdim in an international Pesachim Yarchei Kallah from the comfort of your home!

The world may have come to a standstill, but you can take advantage and learn the first few sugyos in Pesachim b’iyun with a chavrusa. We’ll be matching up phone chavrusas, sending mareh mekomos, and broadcasting live shiurim on the sugya from world-renowned magidei shiur, including Rav Yosef Elefant shli”ta, Rav Moshe Aaron Friedman shlit’a, Rav Sholom Kaminetsky shli”ta, Rav Mordeshai Linzer shli”ta, and others to be announced.

To join free of charge, please email If you’d like a chavrusa, please specify when you’d like to learn, for how long, and anything you can tell us to help find you the best match. Iy”H we’ll be starting with a pesicha Tuesday. In addition to links to the live shiurim, all recordings will be sent out as well in case you miss a shiur.