Letter From Yeshiva Torah Temimah

The following letter was sent Thursday from Rabbi Fievy Lieberman, Executive Directorof Yeshiva Torah Temimah, to the yeshiva’s parents, faculty, and administration.

Dear Parents,

With the very real concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus and its spread in our community we would like to share with our parents the following important information. Our hanhalah and administration, in collaboration with the hanhalah of other Yeshivos in our community, is in direct contact with Gedolim and healthcare professionals and will take all prudent steps as deemed appropriate.

Our goal is to have our talmidim maintain their ordinary routine as much as possible for as long as we are advised that it is safe and appropriate to do so. This may change at any time based on a fluid and ever changing reality.


At this time a schoolwide closure is not planned based on current advice of Daas Torah and healthcare professionals.

  • Families are advised to make individual decisions regarding school attendance based on personal circumstance and advice from their own healthcare provider. Please be assured that the yeshiva will respect a personal decision of a student or staff member without penalty.
  • If you do make a decision not to attend school please notify the yeshiva and contact the rebbi/menahel to arrange for any worksheet or virtual learning options.
  • If you have any reason to believe that your family was exposed to this virus, if a family member is showing symptoms of respiratory distress, has traveled overseas or may have been in contact to persons from affected areas, please consult with your healthcare provider before sending your child to school.
  • If you believe that a member of the Torah Temimah community has been directly exposed to this virus please notify our office immediately.


  • We have added additional custodians to perform surface cleaning in all areas to keep our building as sanitary and safe as possible.
  • A disinfectant cleaning of all surfaces is performed daily in addition to added wipe downs of sensitive areas. i.e. restrooms, sinks, dining areas.
  • Our water fountains have been turned off for the time being. Please send a LABLED water bottle with your son if necessary.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be installed strategically around the building.
  • Instruction regarding proper hygiene and hand washing practices were given school-wide in age-appropriate presentations.
  • Speak to your children about preventative measures like covering coughs and sneezes, washing hands with soap, avoiding food sharing and similar prudent measures.


  • Remote learning options are being set up to prepare for the event of an extended school closure.

The yeshiva is in contact with the NY DOH and the CDC for any updates and instruction about this virus and will take whatever recommended actions are warranted.

May הקב”ה protect us all , and bring ישועת and רפואות to anyone that needs it.