Israeli Youth Badly Injured in Arab Riot; One Rioter Killed

The entrance to the settlement of Yitzhar. Photo by Sraya Diamant/Flash90

A 14 year old from the Shomron town of Yitzhar was in the hospital in serious condition after being struck in the head by a rock thrown by an Arab mob. Palestinian Authority sources said that a 15 year old Arab youth was shot and killed as rioters attempted to attack IDF soldiers.

The incident occurred early Wednesday when an Arab mob attacked a group of Israeli hikers near the village of Kfar Bitan in Shomron. The hike had been planned for several weeks ago but was postponed over concerns that Arabs would riot. When Arabs found out that the hike was on, they assembled and attacked the Israeli group of hikers.

IDF soldiers responded with anti-riot measures. PA sources said that the army used live fire. Witnesses said that the army used only rubber bullets, and that the Arab youth may have been killed by a stray boulder that was thrown by another Arab rioter.

Overnight Tuesday, IDF forces caught two terrorists who were planning to attack Israeli vehicles on Road 465 in the Ramallah area. The two terrorists were taken in for questioning. Officials said that the two had been arrested for terror attacks in the past as well.