MK Odeh Lists Demands for Arab Party’s Support of Gov’t

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Joint Arab List chairman Ayman Odeh (Flash90)

In the wake of reports that the Blue and White party is actively seeking to establish a minority government with the support of the Joint List, its chairman Ayman Odeh listed some of the demands that his party would make in return for providing this support, even from outside of the government. Odeh has already met with Benny Gantz, and future meetings with the party’s representatives are to be held.

“Our people want something very specific,” Odeh said. “They want to see a direct link between the political situation and their everyday concerns.”

Two issues singled out by Odeh were the issue of Jewish visits to Har HaBayis, and the Deal of the Century, proposed by President Donald Trump.

On the first issue, Odeh noted: “We have a clear position on the issue of the al-Aqsa mosque. We want to see the cessation of all visits of all Jews. This is something that began during the Netanyahu rein, and we want the status quo to be restored. Al-Aqsa is a Muslim place of worship, and east Jerusalem should be the capital city of the Palestinian state. We will be focusing on the issue of al-Aqsa at the initial stage of negotiations,” he added.

It should be noted that all Gedolei HaPoskim rule that it is forbidden for Jews to go up to Har HaBayis in these days.

Referring to the Trump peace plan, Odeh insisted that if his party is to support Gantz form a government, he would demand the cancellation of all unilateral steps included in the plan, including a declaration of Israeli sovereignty over Jewish communities in Yehudah and Shomron.

Odeh added that his party would not agree to anything less than all their demands filled for Gantz to receive their support.