MTA Begins Enforcing Bus Lanes With Bus-Mounted Cameras


Bus-mounted cameras began nabbing bus-lane violators Monday.

The project is starting with Manhattan’s M15 Select Bus Service. The special cameras can capture evidence such as license plate, photos and videos, as well location and timestamp information, of vehicles obstructing bus lanes. The system collects multiple pieces of evidence to ensure that vehicles making permitted turns from bus lanes are not ticketed, the MTA says.

During a 60-day grace period, motorists who block bus lanes are issued a warning. Following the grace period, the fine will be $50 for the first violation, and for additional violations within a 12-month period: $100 for a second offense, $150 for a third offense, $200 for a fourth offense; and $250 for a fifth violation and each subsequent offense thereafter within a 12-month period. Each violation also carries a $25 late fee.

The camera program will expand to Brooklyn’s B44 SBS and Manhattan’s M14 SBS by the end of November. The proposed 2020-2024 MTA Capital Plan includes $85 million for further expansion of the program.