Security Forces Nab Gun Smugglers at Lebanese Border

One of the pistols seized by security forces in a smuggling attempt at the Lebanese border.
(IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

The IDF and Israeli Police recently thwarted an attempt to smuggle weapons from Lebanon into Israel, the army disclosed on Thursday.

Field observers from the 869th Battalion spotted two people behaving suspiciously inside Lebanese territory adjacent to the fence bordering Israel on September 14. IDF troops arrived at the scene to assess the situation.

A suspect was then apprehended on the Israeli side of the fence and was transferred to security forces.
Approximately 40 pistols and magazines were found inside bags that were intended to be smuggled from Lebanon into Israel. An investigation is under way.

Field Observer, Pvt. Adi Ben-Naim, who spotted the smugglers, said: “I saw a suspect approaching the fence and immediately realized that this was an unusual incident. I alerted the troops and directed them to the location. It was only after the incident that I realized that a very large weapon-smuggling attempt was thwarted. My job as a field observer is to identify what takes place in the field and alert my commanders; which is exactly what I did in this incident.”