Kevias Mezuzos at Boro Park Jewish Community Council


In celebration of the opening of the brand new Boro Park Jewish Community Council social service center, the BPJCC held a kevias mezuzos ceremony. The event took place on Monday evening, September 9.

“The excitement of reaching this incredible milestone for Boro Parkers,” says, Avi Greenstein, BPJCC CEO, “is contagious. The BPJCC which serves more than 20,000 clients annually is now prepared to expand even more through this new social service center built to handle the rapid growth and reflect the connection the BPJCC has to Boro Park. The new location at 1310 46th St. will allow us to provide expanded services and ease of access to all of the benefits and services the Boro Park community deserves.”

Harav Yechiel Mechel Steinmetz, Skvere Dayan of Boro Park ,honored the BPJCC by affixing the mezuzah at the main entrance. Additional mezuzos were affixed by Isaac Stern, BPJCC President; Avi Greenstein, BPJCC CEO; and by board members including Yidel Perlstein, Chairman of Community Board 12; Rabbi Shalom Pesach Greenberg, president and founder of Yad Efraim; Rabbi Menachem Garfinkel of Mosdos Ger; and Rabbi Moshe Yitzchak Steinmetz.

Harav Yechiel Mechel Steinmetz delivered words of bracha during the event and expressed how moved he is by the BPJCC and its many impressive activities which assist countless vulnerable and needy people in a dignified and anonymous manner.

Boro Park residents will continue to benefit greatly from BPJCC’s many expanded programs and services, in particular, the new job division which includes a
wide variety of free training courses at the new facility that represents the heart of the community now more than ever.