Business Briefs – June 6, 2019

China Says List of ‘Unreliable’ Foreign Firms Coming Soon

BEIJING (AP) – China’s Commerce Ministry says it will release a list of “unreliable” foreign companies in the near future. The Chinese commerce ministry spokesman did not give a date Thursday during a weekly briefing. But he said the process of drawing up the list was underway. China said it would issue a list of foreign companies and individuals that it deems unreliable after the U.S. blacklisted Chinese tech giant Huawei for alleged theft of intellectual property and evasion of Iran sanctions.

Fiat Chrysler-Renault Deal Collapsed Over Nissan Role

MILAN (AP) – Fiat Chrysler’s plan to merge with French carmaker Renault collapsed on fundamental differences over when Renault’s long-time alliance partner, Nissan, would be brought in. The merger plan had sought to create the world’s third-largest automaker. But it collapsed suddenly after the French government, Renault’s top shareholder, asked for more time to seek Nissan’s blessing.

Google’s Challenge to Game Consoles to Kick Off In November

NEW YORK (AP) — Google will start its Stadia streaming game service in November — but initially only as part of a $130 bundle that includes hardware and a pass for a friend. Google won’t offer stand-alone subscriptions, for $10 a month, until next year. Stadia is Google’s attempt to make traditional video game consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation obsolete.

Regulators Give Phone Companies New Tools to Fight Robocalls

NEW YORK (AP) – Telecom regulators have voted to let phone companies block unwanted calls by default, which could be a powerful new tool against robocalls — if phone companies do it. They’re not required to. And they are also allowed to charge for it. There are other fronts in the war against robocalls, but even so, phone spam might not disappear. There are already concerns that scammers can outwit the latest moves in the arms race.

Huawei Warns U.S. Would Hurt Itself By Cutting Off Tech Ties

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) – A senior executive for Chinese technology giant Huawei says he is hoping the company’s animosity with the United States will be resolved and warned that the U.S. would be shooting itself in the foot if it were to shun Chinese technology. Mika Lauhde, Huawei’s vice-president for cybersecurity and privacy, told The Associated Press Thursday that he hopes for a “positive resolution.”

After Fed, Europe Also Helps Economy Cope With Trade War

VILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) – The European Central Bank has taken action to support the economy in the 19 countries that use the euro, responding to fears about global trade conflicts. The ECB said Thursday it would extend the earliest date for an interest rate increase from year-end to mid-2020. Benchmark rates are currently at record lows.

‘Sell By’ Or What? U.S. Pushes For Clarity On Expiration Dates

NEW YORK (AP) — If milk is a few days past its “Sell By” date, is it safe to drink?

U.S. regulators are urging food-makers to be more consistent with labeling terms like “Best By” and “Enjoy By” that cause confusion. By clarifying the meaning of such dates, they are trying to prevent people from prematurely tossing products and to reduce the mountains of food that goes to waste each year.

Even if you rely more on sight and smell to size up foods, you might be surprised by the risks and practices around food spoilage.

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