Satellite Shows Israel Targeted Iran Drones in Syria


Satellite shots of a Syrian air base, appear to show that the airstrike attributed to Israel there earlier this week, was aimed at an Iranian drone facility.

ImageSat International said that the attack late Sunday night was on “one element or just a few elements” connected to Tehran’s unmanned aerial vehicle program in Syria.

“According to our assessment, it is reasonable that [the target] was a component [or components] connected to [Iran’s] UAV program,” ImageSat said in a statement.

Syrian state media said that Israel was behind the attack on the T-4 air base, which the IDF has bombed in the past, claiming it o be a facility used by Iran and its proxies.

The Israeli military refused to comment on Sunday’s strike.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported five people were killed, including one Syrian soldier. It said the attack also destroyed a rocket warehouse.