Torah Academy of Boca Raton Celebrates 20th Anniversary

At Torah Academy of Boca Raton’s 20th anniversary celebration (L-R): Rabbi Dovid May, faculty member honoree, and Rabbi Reuven Feinberg, dean. (Boruch Len of Lens Photo World and Legacy Art & Photography)

Torah Academy of Boca Raton marked its milestone 20th anniversary with a gala dinner that seated over 400 attendees, with parents, faculty and community supporters celebrating two decades of growth and success.

The event was a testament to this South Florida yeshivah’s establishment as a major center of Torah education, in the thriving Boca Raton community whose shuls and mosdos are surging in numbers and vitality.

Dean of the yeshivah, Rabbi Reuven Feinberg, commented, “When a family is considering relocating, one of the first and most obvious questions asked is whether the prospective city has a top-tier yeshivah that can educate their children.

“We humbly take pride in our role as a driving force of the exponential growth of the Boca Raton community, and are grateful that so many new families choose Torah Academy each year as the yeshivah they entrust with their children’s chinuch.”

The decor of the event, coordinated by Mrs. Michal Marcus and Mrs. Ruchie Lyons, was not only elegant and striking, but added meaning to the evening through its floral theme. The tables were adorned with alternating tall cherry blossoms and breathtaking ice sculptures encasing suspended floral branches, complementing the wall murals that depicted each student’s picture as a blossom on a flowering tree.

In his opening remarks, Rabbi Feinberg emphasized this mission: that Torah Academy has the ultimate responsibility of ensuring the growth and development of all students into the beautiful ovdei Hashem they are meant to become.

Honoree parents Mr. and Mrs. Tomer and Sandrine Cohen and Mr. and Mrs. Hal and Ayelet Matheson each described their gratitude to Torah Academy, noting that they cherish the excitement about learning and Yiddishkeit that their children bring home.

Honoree faculty members Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid and Ayelet May shared these sentiments as parents, while speakers highlighted their passionate approach to Yiddishkeit that is transmitted to community supporters across a wide range of Jewish involvement.

One prominent supporter of the yeshivah received a framed, custom-made picture with student signatures filling the surrounding mat.

“This type of gift, replete with meaning, personalized, and utilized as a lesson to our students in hakaras hatov, is emblematic of the ways we deepen relationships and experiences to connect and inspire.

“Our students deserve the opportunity to directly thank someone who benefits them so substantially, and she deserves to have a representation of her impact,” Rabbi Feinberg stated.

The night featured an innovative video highlighting the “Torah Academy Top 20,” a list of characteristics that parents applaud about the yeshivah which were gleaned from survey responses. Entries described students as “academically stimulated”; “recognized for [their] unique talents”; and “inspired to learn.”

In a humorous conclusion, the students in the video joked that #1 was “recess,” before revealing the true top answer that students are “becoming bnei and bnos Torah.”

Administrator Rabbi Chaim Glazer noted, “The video illustrated these lighthearted moments that complement our serious educational endeavor, creating a positive learning environment where children want to be.”

Torah Academy parent Mrs. Jessica Roth agrees: “We are very impressed with the quality of education our son is receiving. Every teacher and staff member we have encountered goes above and beyond in the education of our children.”

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