Learn & Live Program Continues To ‘Tastefully’ Teach

Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow presented the melachah of bishul to the Learn and Live Program

The popular Learn & Live program for boys attracts an overflow crowd each week as the boys are excited to learn the Lamed-Tes Melachos and see what each week has in store.

The last two weeks featured Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow’s presentation of the melachah of bishul which sure was tasty and messy. The chocolate-covered faces of the boys were evidence of the wonderful time that everyone had!

he Learn and Live boys learning Melachos Shabbos at Pizza Pious.

On the following Sunday, after experiencing the sidurei d’pas (the first 11 of the Lamed-Tes Melachos) the boys from the Learn & Live program went to Pizza Pious for a very tasty culmination of this unit. The boys had a great time making their own personal pizza pies.

When Mr. Leo Shalamoff (the owner of Pizza Pious) was asked to comment about L&L, he said “I liked seeing the L&L program in my store. The boys really worked together to help one another and it was nice to see boys talking to each other and getting along so well.”

L&L thanks Pizza Pious and Mr. Shalamoff for opening up the store for them.

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