Atzeres Tefillah Held in Teveria in Light of Ongoing Chillulei Shabbos

Hundreds attend an atzeres tefillah in Teveria on Sunday. (David Cohen/Flash90)

A large crowd, headed by local Rabbanim, attended an atzeres tefillah Sunday afternoon at the old cemetery in Teveria, decrying the ongoing chillulei Shabbos by new mayor Ron Kobi.

Harav Avraham Dov Auerbach at the atzeres. (David Cohen/Flash90)

The atzeres was called, and led, by Hagaon Harav Avraham Dov Auerbach, Gaavad of Teveria.

Tefillos were held near the kever of Harav Chaim Abualefia, zt”l, known as one of the founders of the new yishuv in Teveria.

The atzeres is an expression of the immense hurt and pain the religious residents are feeling with the ongoing trampling of Shabbos Kodesh in the city. On Monday representatives of the Committee for Preservation of Shabbos will visit Teveria and meet with local Rabbanim and activists.

At the atzeres. (David Cohen/Flash90)