Israel Denied Hezbollah Much Bigger Precision Missile Arsenal


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday evening credited the Mossad and the IDF with capping Hezbollah’s precision-missile arsenal at a level of dozens instead of the thousands they sought to obtain.

“Hezbollah has two tools [of attack],” Netanyahu said at an award ceremony for outstanding Mossad agents at the President’s Residence in Yerushalayim. “One tool is tunnels, and we are depriving them of that.

“The second tool is the missile weapon.” He described conventional rockets as “statistical weapons” — meaning that if many are launched, statistically some are bound to hit their target — Hezbollah is “interested in precision weapons. That dramatically changes the balance of power.”

“According to Hezbollah’s plan they should’ve been equipped today with thousands of missiles, but at this moment they have [only] several dozens. The reason for that — among others — are sitting in this room,” the PM told the Mossad gathering.

“It is a joint effort by Mossad, the IDF, and our entire defense mechanism. We are completely and impressively depriving them of that weapon as well,” he declared.