Regional Briefs – November 18, 2018

Man Indicted for Attempted Murder in Hospital Shooting

ELLENVILLE, N.Y. – A man who pretended to be in pain and then fired a gun inside Ellenville Hospital, setting off a massive manhunt, was indicted, The Associated Press reported. Joshua Stuart, 42, shot an opioids dispenser and stole vials before fleeing.

Parents See Red Over Ketchup Limit at School District

MANORVILLE, N.Y. – Some parents are seeing red over a ketchup crackdown at a Long Island school district, Newsday reported. Students at Eastport-South Manor will be limited to two 9-gram packets at lunch for a condiment that has “little or no nutritional value.” One parent called it “a little ridiculous.”

23 Injured When NYC Bus and Fire Truck Collide

BRONX – A city bus collided on Friday with a fire truck with sirens and lights on as it was responding to an emergency, injuring 23 — including the bus driver and all five firefighters, The Associated Press reported. No charges were filed.

NY Pilot Program Expands Medicaid Coverage to Doulas

ALBANY – New York state launched a pilot program Thursday expanding Medicaid coverage to doula services in an effort to reduce childbirth complications. The pilot will launch in March in Erie County and parts of Brooklyn since they have the state’s highest number of maternal and infant mortality rates.

New Jersey Trooper Hit by Car While Investigating Crash

SPRINGFIELD, N.J. – A state trooper was struck by a car on Friday as he was investigating a crash on the New Jersey Turnpike and was hospitalized with minor injuries, reported. The driver who hit the officer stopped and is cooperating with police.

NJ Court: Police May Access Cellphones With Warrant

TRENTON – A New Jersey court ruled that people must allow police access to their cellphones once they receive a warrant, The Associated Press reported. The case was filed against an officer, Robert Andrews, who told a suspect that police were monitoring him. Investigators found calls between Andrews and the suspect.