10 Arrested for Instigating Violence on Har HaBayis


Ten Palestinians from east Yerushalayim were arrested on Thursday for their role in violent clashes with police on Har HaBayis on July 27, the Shin Bet said.

During that incident, four Israeli Police officers were injured and the site was shut down for several hours in order to restore order.

According to the Shin Bet, “the cell purchased fireworks, which were smuggled onto the Temple Mount in order to use them to attack security forces stationed outside the mount at the end of Friday prayers.”

The Shin Bet and police probes into the events of that day determined that Ahmed Abu Sbeih, a Hamas activist who served eight months in prison for terror activities in the Shabab al-Aqsa, organization, was a leader of the cell. He is accused of transferring the funds for the fireworks and recruiting additional rioters on Har HaBayis, as well as to aim the fireworks at the Israeli forces.